Deluxe Reed Aroma Diffuser - Mojo's Wine and Roses 120ml

House Of Mojo

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Just an incredibly delicious, strong and heady aroma of wine and roses!

  • The hottest trend in home fragrance, Reed Diffusers by House Of Mojo are a safe flame free way of effortlessly and continuously spreading fragrance throughout your home.
  • Our diffusers are a blend of Fragrance & Essential Oils and are alcohol-free ensuring a long life (4+ months), making them very good value!
  • We ship them in a canvas sleeve, avoiding unnecessary wasteful cardboard/plastic packaging. 
  • Our diffusers (and all our products) are Vegan, Cruelty Free and Palm Oil Free.

Product Care

  • Remove stopper from bottle and place reeds in bottle opening.
  • Rotate reeds once every few days or until they are saturated.
  • To refresh and intensify the fragrance, rotate the reeds.
  • To reduce the strength of fragrance try removing a reed.

Caution: Avoid contact of the oil and reeds with the skin, eyes and porous surfaces and all fabrics. Oil may cause staining. Keep out of reach of children, do not ingest, avoid flames and do not light the reeds!

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