Finally, we are LIVE !!!

"You need a website! Everybody has a website! The whole world shops online nowadays!"

That was a constructive piece of criticism thrown casually at me one day...well over 12 months ago! Only, I couldn’t just summon a website out of nowhere! The owner of that throwaway comment had no idea what they were about to start....


It’s been a larger project than we realised, implementing a Point of Sale system in our bricks and mortar shop that will synchronise with the new online store,  and has only been made possible with the assistance of my brother some 2,500kms away in Melbourne, who shares our vision that House of Mojo's job in the retail sector is to promote Ethical and Fair Trade projects while enjoying the lighter side of life!

With some relief, we have finally removed the password to our new online store, and welcome our loyal customers to it, and look forward to welcoming some new customers too :)

We have been working on the site for quite a while now, and we still have lots more products to upload, so please bear with us if you don't see everything online yet.

If you like our new store, or have any comments on how we can make it better, please DO get in contact with us and let us know. We'd love to hear from you !

Best Regards,

Sarah & Tim


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CONGRATULATIONS on your new website !!! House of Mojo Australia….we love you :)


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