Fair Trade

At House Of Mojo Australia, we are proud to support Fair Trade which is a social movement that aims to provide workers in developing countries with better work conditions and a fair wage.

We use Fair Trade products wherever possible, including Fair Trade Coconut Oil from Fiji, and Fair Trade Shea Butter. 

Your participation in the Fair Trade Movement has a direct, positive impact on improving the quality of life for those living in developing countries through ensuring:

  • Fair wages to producers
  • Safe and healthy work environments
  • Free from abusive child labour
  • Financial and technical assistance & support
  • Providing skills and knowledge to develop business in the global economy
  • Respecting the producers as individuals and their cultural identity
  • Aiming to help people while creating sustainable development for their families and communities
  • Giving them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for a future

Other Reading:

Great Fair Trade organisations which can provide detailed information on Fair Trade practices and terms for Fair Trade certification include:

Our Fair Trade products:

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